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Bible RPGs & fanfics

There are seriously people out there, who write fan fiction and RP Bible characters.
Yes, you read that right. People who have written fan fics and roleplay Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the rest.
My brain just melted.

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  • And they slash them. My brain still hasn't recovered from that discovery.
    - I've read God/Satan slash. That was interesting.
    -- I should add, I only support Satan slash if he looks like Viggo Mortenson in The Prophesy.
    - The slash wouldn't be so bad if people could just stick to the canon. Peter and Samson lived in completely different eras, for crying out loud. And Jesus was not a vampire and his parents were not killed by Roman Ninja Death Squads when he was six. (Well, maybe in the anime, but then state that you're using the anime continuity!)
    -- Jesus wasn't a vampire, he was a zombie!

  • Pft, if you take the Bible as a work of fiction then it has one of the largest fandoms in existence, complete with people who think it's real or live their lives according to it.
    Big fandom; why shouldn't it have RPGs and fanfiction? :p
    - Nah. Its fans aren't zealous enough for it to count as a proper fandom.
    -- Hey, some of them are. And some are mildly fans of it. You know, like you have the really hardcore fans and the mildly fond in other things. Just look at that Mel Gibson film; the outcry over it looked remarkably like 'you turned my fave book into what's probably a sucky movie, how dare you!' if you look at it right. :p

  • Fanfiction.net has a section for bible fics.

  • So, if the Christian god was hanging out with the Hindu gods and the Greek gods, would that be multifandom? If someone starts that game, I'm so in.

  • There's a long tradition of Bible fanfic in Rabbinic Judaism, actually. It's part of a kind of commentary called Midrash, and like a lot of fanfic, seeks to repair contradictions and fill holes in canon. No slash, though, unless you're talking about Sodom and Gomorrah. :D
    - When we were learning about Midrash in school (Israeli schools, natch), the first thing that occured to me was 'Oh- it's fanfic! That makes so much sense!'
    -- I had the same reaction to the Book of Mormon.

  • I had never even considered this and now my brains are leaking out of my ears.

  • I personally take intense pleasure in portraying the Prince of Darkness, Lord of Hell, Horned One, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, and Archfiend. He's got rather a nice white-carpeted office on the hundredth floor of the eighth tower of Dis, and spends some of his time as an enormous white snake.
    - You roleplay as Dick Cheney? Respect.
    -- Nah, that's Asmodeus. He likes hunting. Samael's more what you'd get if you crossed Francis Crawford with Ivan the Terrible and added golden curls.

  • I've seen people roleplay deities from Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse pantheons and know someone who was considering rp'ing Shiva. No one seems to protest these, so why protest borrowing from any other religion / mythology?

  • I'm not terribly surprised. Fanatical branches of every religion have been re-writing (or ignoring) doctrine to fit their needs for thousands of years. Hell, King Henry VIII decided to break all ties with the Vatican and run the Church of England himself just so he could have the marriage to his first wife annulled. Why would the internet put an end to people doing this sort of thing? o.O

  • I RP angels. :) Samael and Nathanael currently. I also have an RP char who is the Acting Prince of Hell. His name's Tristan. I just try to stay away from the big names.

  • I was going to say "Welcome to the Intertubes", but other people seem to have gotten there first...
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